About the company...
UTCHAT VISION was founded on April 10, 2000 in Rochester, New York (Imaging Centre of the World) by Shabaka Collier also known as SHABAKA MU AUSAR. UTCHAT VISION is a full service production temple, specializing in professional visual communications (cinema, HD digital video, & graphic design).

THE PINK SURVIVOR | Cancelled Ticket Purchase

THANK YOU for your interest in THE PINK SURVIVORS event.

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Address: 250 Cumberland Street
Telephone: (585) 202-2616

Email: info@utchatvision.com
Twitter: twitter.com/utchatvision
YouTube: youtube.com/utchatvision
Facebook: facebook.com/utchatvision

Business hours

Monday - Friday | 9am-6pm
Saturday - Sunday | 12pm-6pm

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