About the company...
UTCHAT VISION was founded on April 10, 2000 in Rochester, New York (Imaging Centre of the World) by Shabaka Collier also known as SHABAKA MU AUSAR. UTCHAT VISION is a full service production temple, specializing in professional visual communications (cinema, HD digital video, & graphic design).

Young Black Male (teaser)


YOUNG BLACK MALE is a collaboration between IN-CONTROL & UTCHAT VISION.

In the Fall of 2011 several Young Black Males were given pocket HD video cameras to document the lives of young black males in their communities. This raw and uncompromising film explores the complex stories and sometimes destructive behavior of young black males living in Rochester, New York and attempts to answer the most complex and difficult question WHY?

Independent Producer/Director/Writer/Editor from Rochester, New York. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1999 with an MFA in Film/Video Production. He started UTCHAT VISION in April of 2000, a media production temple that produces films, music videos, commercials, graphics, web design, and more. Creator of MEDIAMOVEMENT.NET MUSIC+VIDEO+FILM+DIGITAL=REVOLUTION.

HOWARD “HD” Griffin
CHARLES “Chazz” Carpenter
PIERCE Lockett
DEVANTE Stevenson
DAJON Humphries

Young Black Male (website)